Promoter of a revolutionary innovation, the Estate has introduced the use of the shaker in the olive oil sector for the first time in the seventies: the mechanical shakers indeed, up till then, were used only in the fruit and vegetable sector for the harvesting of prunes in California, in the U.S.A. The first trials with a shaking machine for the harvesting of the olives was carried out in Calabria in 1968: the inventor who patented the mechanical shaker for harvesting fruit in America came to Mutari to test and calibrate the weights of the machine to the size of the olive plants and their fruit.

The shaker is a self-propelled machine with indipendent 3 wheel drive. It has a telescopic arm, ending with a pliers in condition to grab both the log or the branch of the olive tree, depending on the size.


It impresses a vibrating shake that shakes the plant and makes shake the olives down on the nets, previously placed below (12.000 mq nets/hectare).

olive reti

Promptly, the olives collected in nets are harvested by hand, placed in dedicated baskets and driven to the mill. They are processed immediately and no later than one hour the oil is coming off the mill, simply pressed fruit juice.

donne ceste