The olive harvest begins in early October, with 4 mechanical shakers performing the scheduled fall of the olives, followed by the harvesting of the olives naturally fallen until mid-February.

Each shaker entails a team of 12 pickers (only women, following ancestral traditions). The shaker moves in reverse between two olive trees rows, grabbing with the pliers both the log or the branch of the olive tree on the right side of the row and then the other tree on the left side of the opposite row (avoiding useless maneuvers which would damage the nets and the soil).


Pickers shake the nets as to form mounds of olives to be harvested by hand; the mounds of olives are placed in dedicated baskets and then driven to the estate oil mill by tractors trailer.

The olives are milled immediately, on the same day they are harvested.




This harvesting method allows, 34 hectares, with 6.200 olive trees, to be covered on average on a 3 days period, resulting in an harvest of  900 kg per picker.

In 1996 we registered an extraordinary season, where 1,5 tons of olives have been harvested by each picker.


The average quantity of olives harvested is 2,000,000 / 2,200,000 kg. from which we obtain 260,000 / 280,000 kg. of organic olive oil.