Welcome to the Fabulous Borough Market

The food hound’s favourite market is also London’s oldest, dating back to the 13th century. It’s the busiest too, occupying a sprawling site close to London Bridge. Gourmet goodies run the gamut, from fresh loaves and rare-breed meats, via fish, fruit and veg, to cakes and all manner of preserves, oils and teas; head out hungry to take advantage of the numerous free samples.




Follow your nose from the aroma of freshly baked bread, to deep baskets full of dried fruits, nuts, dried apricots, honey cashews and spicy smoked almonds and more and more…yoghurt banana chips, milk chocolate macadamia nuts, types and types of granola, everything surrounded by smells and tastes from all over the world cuisines.




…the place where you can find a stunning array of fruit and veg, with properly seasonal selections at the right price, where the producers take pride in their offering to their customers. Absolutely, the Borough is the epitome of organic food: it brings you the best of everything, proving food really can bring good cheer.




Gustatory temptation is everywhere, the scent of mulled wine and roasting chestnuts drifts on the cold air, the best melted cheese toast you’ve ever tasted, all-time favorite cookies.

There’s nothing more inviting on a cold winter’s day than a pot of warm and creamy cheese fondue…May we introduce you the luscious Raclette: an irresistibly salty, medium-soft Swiss cheese, is melted directly under an enormous hot iron and then slathered by the pound over a mountain of potatoes, pickles and onions.

Sparkling lights, good food, drink and general jollity have been considered the order of the day at the Borough.  This quintessentially British Market stirs up passion in those who love it.